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I Never Buy Apps When So Many Good Ones Are FREE:
Irfanview - My Favorite Image-Editing App
Yellow Stickie Note Program
GIMP - Sophisticated Photoshop-like Image Editor
Search Files & Folder Names Lightning Fast App
LibreOffice - Great MSOffice-compatible Office Suite
Google Drive - Best FREE Cloud-Storage Deal Ever!
 Included with Drive: Google Docs, Sheets & Slides
 (Microsoft-Office-Compatible [Word, Excel, PowerPoint] Programs)

Why Don Uses FREE Google Docs Instead of Expensive MSWord
How and Why Don Uses Google's Free Translation Service
More Google Freebies:     • Gmail
    • Google Translate
    • Google Streetview
• Google Alerts
• Google Books
• Google Blogger
• Google+ (Social)
• Google Calendar
• Google Photos

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