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Click for information on how to download & install the FREE Windows 10.

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Free MSOffice-Compatible Office Suites
Compatible with Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Irfanview Red Cat Logo Irfanview Image-editor -
Indispensable program I use constantly
Picasa Logo Picasa Image-editor - Great image-management program from Google
Yellow Stickie Icon Yellow Stickie Notes - Another indispensable program I couldn't be without

VLC Media Player Free media player plays many QuickTime and RealPlayer files
Gimp Image Editor Full-Featured Photoshop-like Image-editing Program
StripMail Clean up text with odd-length lines and all those > > > symbols
StripMail Instructions How to Use Stripmail
Windows Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
(FREE for Windows 7 and later)
Microsoft Security Essentials.
$ How Don Earns Money with a PC

Learn How to Fix
Many Microsoft Word Problems:

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