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KFI (Red)    KECA (Blue)

If you lived in Los Angeles during the 1930s or early 1940s you may remember a time when NBC had two radio networks -
the Red and the Blue—and you may remember seeing this building at 141 N. Vermont Ave.

 KFI/KECA Building, 141 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles

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I remember this building rather vividly because it was directly across the street from Virgil Junior High School, which I attended briefly in 1943.

I was a big radio fan in those days and somewhat familiar with the fact that the National Broadcasting Company had become so preeminent in radio broadcasting that they owned two national networks: the NBC Red Network and the NBC Blue Network.

In Los Angeles, the flagship stations for these networks were KFI-Red and KECA-Blue.

I have no information regarding the origin of the call letters KFI, but I knew that both stations were owned by a local Packard dealer named Earle C. Anthony, and that he used his initials as part of the Blue call letters.

However, the FCC decided that NBC had become too anti-competitive and made them sell off one of the networks. Thus the Blue was sold in 1943 and became ABC (the American Broadcasting Company). Along with this, KECA was renamed KABC.

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Another thing I remember from those days is that a kid I met at Virgil became a life-long friend.

However, he prefers not to have his name mentioned online, so I'll refer to him here as "Terry." Anyway, Terry and I lost touch in 1957 and only found each other recently via the help of another friend, Barbara Price, who used to live across the street from me in the mid-1940s.

Bobbie Beecher I lost touch with Barbara when she and her mom moved to Riverside in 1946. Imagine my surprise when she sent me an email 55 years later and asked if I was still doing magic tricks.

As a kid, I didn't have a whole lot of friends—my usually divorced mom moved frequently and I rarely stayed very long in one school. But now, a half-century later, to become reacquainted with two of my best friends from junior high school days is exciting and gratifying beyond description.

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