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I've been working on a book called "Shy Guy from Hollywood High."
It is not the "story of my life" - but, rather, the telling of some of its funnier moments.
Some of them are related here...

1940s-1950s Hollywood - Exciting Time & Place to Be a Kid
Chet Huntley Was My Favorite Customer
LA's 1st Stereo Radio Broadcast + This NEW Thing Called TV
1947 Live Radio - we couldn't believe what Norma's dad said!
Ken Murray's Blackouts - Marie Wilson

Love at First Sight - Norma Jean Salina
Fickle Finger of Fate - Preordained to Be a Sign-Painter?
The Starlight Ballbroom Mystery - Carl Von Papp
Wondered About My Roommate's Pink Jockey Shorts
Zelma Wann Wanted to Sharpen My Pencil

The Night Celia Cruz Kissed Me
First Job - & All Those Pretty Girls!
First Date - First Kiss?
Dance Studio Temptress
Adventures with Cornet 5 10 25 Stores

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