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Famous Department Store, Downtown Los Angeles Famous Department Store
Downtown Los Angeles

Some of the Sights I Remember Seeing When Living in
Los Angeles and Hollywood during the 1940s & 1950s

Z Los Angeles Main Public Library                                    Downtown Los Angeles

Z Pacific Electric Red Car Passing by Echo Park                 Pantages Theater, Hollywood Blvd.          

Z        Wallich's Music City and NBC Radio Studios             Red Car with Hollywood Hills in the Background
1940s Hollywood - Exciting Time to Be a Kid
Love at First Sight - Norma Jean Salina
Live radio - Couldn't believe what he said!
Norma Got Me a Blind Date - So She Could...
Zelma Wanted to Sharpen My Pencil
First Date - First Kiss?
LA's Very 1st Stereo Radio Broadcast
This new thing called "Television"
Ken Murray's Blackouts - Marie Wilson
Chet Huntley - My Favorite Customer
1st Job & All Those Pretty Girls!
The Starlight Ballbroom Mystery
Maybe I Shouldn't Have Dropped Out
Fun with MAGIC
High School Dropout to High School Teacher?
Midnight on the Ocean - Not a Streetcar Was in Sight...
More on 1940s Hollywood

I moved with my mom and 2nd step-dad (Bryson Perry Hall) to Los Angeles in 1942. My step-dad
got a job as a buyer at the Broadway Department Store in Downtown LA and we lived in a
duplex on a hill overlooking Echo Park and Aimee Semple McPhersons' Angelus Temple.

Sadly, however, they split up and Bryson went into the army. Mom and I moved to a very small apartment on the edge of Hollywood near the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd. and Vermont Ave.
I remember going to Virgil Junior High School, but transferring to Le Conte Junior High after
discovering what a tough institution Virgil was. Subsequently I went to Hollywood
High School briefly, before dropping out to conquer the world.

Los Angeles Theater Los Angeles Theater

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