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Using StripMail

A number of people have written to say they have trouble understanding how to use this program, even though the instructions appear when the program is launched.

Well, I will acknowledge that the instructions could have been written a little more clearly.

So let's try doing it this way:

  1 - Double-click the StripMail icon to launch the program.

  2 - Click anywhere inside the "Instructions" page that appears, and
       do Ctrl+A.(This will Select ALL the text.)

  3 - Hit your Delete key to eliminate all this text.

  4 - Now open your email that has the bad formatting
       (along with the >> symbols, if any).  

  5 - Use your mouse to highlight the malformatted text that needs fixing -
       or - do Ctrl+A to Select All of the text on the email.

  6 - Now do Ctrl+C to Copy all the selected text
       (complete with the >> symbols, if any).

  7 - Click anywhere inside the blank StripMail page and do Ctrl+V.
        This will Paste everything into the page
        (where it should look just like it did in your email).

  8 - Now click on one of the repair options listed at the top of the page.
       If in doubt, choose Do It All.

  9 - The StripMail page will the vanish and show up as a button on your
       Taskbar (at the bottom of your screen).

 10 - Click it to make the StripMail page reappear.

 11 - If everything looks okay, do Ctrl+A to Select All of the
        correctly formatted text.

 12 - Use Ctrl+C to Copy the text.

 13 - Then use Ctrl+V to Paste it all into a new document,
        which can be saved, printed, and/or emailed to someone.

So what "document" should this be Pasted into? Well, I prefer to use my word processor, but you can go to File, New, within your email program, and Paste the text into a blank page, which can then be saved in the format your email program prefers.

Most email programs also give the option of saving as an .HTM or .TXT document. Choosing the latter will mean your "plain text" document can be read by any program that deals with text.

I hope you find the above instruction easy to follow, but I must warn you - this program is not flawless (nor is any similar program I reviewed). Therefore, you may find that you have to do a little manual fine-tuning to get your document to look exactly the way you want it.

But the price is right, and I find that it cleans up about 95% of my text when I use it.

PS: Since there is no way I can answer all the hundreds of emails I receive, you're welcome to call me at (949) 646-8615
...or you can email my assistant, Mary J Hanson: pcdon  Mary J Hanson Gmail

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