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Nat Cole, Teresa Brewer Big Band Era

Christian Cross Gospel/Patriotic

Ted Lewis Vintage

Jim Reeves, Loretta Lynn Classic Country

Jerry Colonna Comedy

Julio Iglesias Latin

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Musical Comparisons

Romantic Instrumentals
You Belong to My Heart
Sweetheart Songs
Theatrical Music
Seasonal Music

I You Songs
Beyond the Sunset
Teach Me Tonight
Rose Songs

In The Wee Small Hours
of the Morning

Barbra Streisand
Second Hand Rose
I'll Know
The Nearness of You
All the Things You Are

Barbra and Frank Sinatra
All the Way

Liza Minnelli
All that Jazz
New York, New York

Paul Mauriat
spacer Love Is Blue
Somewhere My Love (Lara's theme - Dr. Zhivago)
Those Were the Days

Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1
Sir Edward Elgar

( Traditional Graduation Ceremony Music )
(Pomp & Circumstance courtesy of Prof. Carl Von Papp, Bellevue, WA)
Leonard Slatkin & the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Make 'Em Laugh   Donald O'Conner

Dancing Cheek to Cheek   Fred Astaire

Lida Rose & Will I Ever Tell You 
Shirley Jones & The Buffalo Bills
(From The Music Man)

Habañera from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet
Nana Mouskouri

Percy Faith Orchestra
spacer Delicado
Ebb Tide
High Noon
Route 66 Theme
Song from Moulin Rouge
Summer of '42
Swedish Rhapsody
Tara's Theme from Gone with the Wind
Theme for Young Lovers

Composed by Charlie Chaplin
Frank Chacksfield Orchestra

More Movie Themes (Some by Unnamed Studio Orchestras)

Shane       An Affair to Remember

Around the World in 80 Days
Composed & Conducted by Victor Young

High Noon
Vocal by Nana Mouskouri (A Little Different)

The Third Man - Anton Karas (Playing the Zither)

Henry Mancini
spacer Breakfast at Tiffany's
Two for the Road   The Pink Panther   Midnight Cowboy
Mr. Lucky   Charade   Exodus   The Windmills of Your Mind
Mission Impossible   Moon River   Nadia's Theme   Romeo and Juliet
Peter Gunn Theme    Baby Elephant Walk
María Elena, Quizás-Quizás-Quizás, Begin the Beguine
Brazil    Perfidia   Xavier Cugat

Bob Fleming's Very Mellow Tenor Sax
Torna a Sorrento & O Sole Mio (medley)
María Elena & La Violetera (medley
Te Quiero Dijiste (Magic Is the Moonlight) & Without You (medley)

By the way, if you wonder why I have a collection of
Latin American music here, this might help explain it:
spacer "One Amazing Night in Havana"

The Charleston
Django Reinhardt      New Orleans Dixieland Jazz Band

Somewhere Over the Rainbow    Boston Pops lead by John Williams

Medley of TV Western Theme Songs (Bonanza, Rawhide, & Others)
spacer Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Arthur Fiedler

More TV Themes (Mostly by Unnamed Studio Orchestras)

Keeping Up Appearances      Lawrence Welk      Coach      The Big Valley Somewhere Over the Rainbow    Boston Pops lead by John Williams

Medley of TV Western Theme Songs (Bonanza, Rawhide, & Others)
spacer Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Arthur Fiedler

More TV Themes (Mostly by Unnamed Studio Orchestras)

Keeping Up Appearances      Lawrence Welk      Coach      The Big Valley

Dragnet   Ray Anthony        Peter Gunn   

Henry Mancini
Summertime  from George Gershwin's Opera Porgy and Bess
Performed by Unidentified Soprano and Symphonic Orchestra
Summertime  Artie Shaw
The Delicious Clarinet Artistry of Artie Shaw Makes This a Wonderfully Satisfying Recording.

Old Shep
The Jackson 5
Michael Jackson
Most Recently Added Songs

Mission Statement
Privacy Policy

My Fair Lady  (with Original Broadway Cast) The Sound of Music  (Movie Soundtrack)

Instructions for Downloading Songs from These Pages
If you have a Windows PC and Windows Media Player or the VLC Media Player
you should have no problems downloading songs from these pages.
However, If other media players have been installed on your PC
(such as RealPlayer, Rhapsody, QuickTime, MusicMatch Jukebox, WinAmp or iTunes)
you may have a variety of problems downloading and/or playing the music.

  1. These songs can be downloaded via Internet Explorer by right-clicking the song's title and left-clicking Save Target As. (Firefox and Chrome users will left-click Save Link As).
  2. This will display the name of the song, its three letter extension (such as .mp3, .wav, .wma, or .mid) and the name of the folder into which it will be saved (usually your My Music or Music folder, which is inside your My Documents or Documents folder).
  3. If you do a single left-click on a song, it should open up in Windows Media Player and begin to play. On some computers, left-clicking a song will display a box with the song's name along with a PLAY or SAVE option. Clicking SAVE, will download the song to your PC as described above.

    What you should know about various media players:

  4. Windows Media Player comes with all recent versions of Windows and the VLC Media Player is a free download from:
  5. Both players work seamlessly with most of the popular digital audio/video formats (such as MP3, WMA, WAV, MID, ASF, MPG, and WMV). The VLC Player will also play many QuickTime files (with the .MOV extension) and RealPlayer files (with extensions such as RA and RAM).
  6. If you don't see the 3-letter filename extensions, click here for instructions on how to make them show.
  7. Some formats will also play on the RealPlayer Media Player and the QuickTime Media Player. However, these players tend to be very intrusive and many try to disable Window Media Player, along with steering you to web sites that want to sell you something — usually songs, albums, and upgrades to their media players.
  8. Unless you have some very compelling reason for using any player other than Windows Media Player or the VLC Media Player, I would recommend uninstalling it and re-activating Windows Media Player or the VLC Media Player.
  9. To uninstall a media player, click on Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs. When you find the name of the player you want to remove, click on its name and choose Change/Remove. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to uninstall the program. Click Yes.
  10. Unfortunately, deleting a media player does not guarantee the program won't plague you in other ways. Its name may still be listed in your Startup Menu.
  11. Fix this by clicking Start>Run and typing msconfig into the field that appears. Click OK. In the window that opens click on the Startup tab (last one on the right).
  12. If the errant media player's name appears on the list, deselect the check box and click OK. If you are told you should restart your PC, click OK.

  13. Click here for more useful information about msconfig.

  14. The reason songs sometimes work with one media player — and not another — is that their filename extensions (such as WMP) have been told to "associate" with one particular player.
  15. When you bought your Windows computer it came with Windows Media Player, and all the various music/video extensions were associated with WMP. If a different player is later installed (such as, say, QuickTime) you are asked which extensions you want associated with QuickTime. Most people click ALL, since they often don't understand the question and will do whatever is recommended by the player being installed.
  16. If you subsequently uninstall QuickTime, all your media filename extensions will continue looking for QuickTime, since they've not been told to return to their WMP status.
  17. Windows XP users can fix this by launching Windows Media Player 10 and clicking the little down-arrow (inverted pyramid) in the upper right corner. Then click Tools>Options>File Types. Click Select All to switch all media filename extensions back to WMP.
  18. Another option available to WinXP users is to right-click any song found on their hard drive (most are likely to be in the My Music folder). Then click Open With. Next click Choose Program, followed by clicking Windows Media Player. Finally, click Always Use the Selected Program to Open this Kind of File.
  19. If a song chosen in the above example was an WMA, all of your WMAs will now play via Windows Media Player when clicked. However, all your MID, MP 3, and WMV files will still be looking for QuickTime. The "Open With" procedure needs to be done with each music or video format.
  20. If you have a pre-XP version of Windows, it's best to uninstall Windows Media Player altogether and then install Windows Media Player 9, which can be downloaded from

I am occasionally asked if it's legal to download songs found on various sites such as this one.
Well, I'm neither a lawyer nor a technician, and I've begun to wonder if it was legal for us
to tape music off the radio back when tape recorders first came into existence.
And were we committing a crime when we recorded a movie shown on TV with our VCRs?
And was it really legal to buy a dual-deck audio recorder for the express purpose of duplicating cassettes?
My answer to all of the above is, "I don't know."
Nonetheless, here is a statement in sort of a legalese that appears to apply to this kind of file availability:
The songs on this site are compressed to a bit-rate ratio
lower than the ratio used in commercial music files.
Also, these songs are copyrighted by their respective artists
and are placed here for evaluation purposes only.
Please support the artists you like by buying their commercial CDs and downloads.

Questions or comments can be sent to Mary Hanson at:

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