Don Doesn't Buy Apps When So Many Great Ones Are FREE:

Irfanview - My Favorite Image-Editing App
Yellow Stickie Note Program
GIMP - Sophisticated Photoshop-like Image Editor
Search Files & Folder Names Lightning Fast App
LibreOffice - Great MSOffice-compatible Office Suite

Google Drive - Best FREE Cloud-Storage Deal Ever!
 Included with Drive: Google Docs, Sheets & Slides
 (Microsoft-Office-Compatible Word, Excel, PowerPoint Programs)

Why Don Uses Free Google Docs instead of Expensive Microsft Word
How and Why Don Uses Google's Translation Service

   The Day My
   Grandson Paul
   Found a
   Loaded Gun

Why Would a Guy Quit a Great Job and Move to
Puerto Rico?

Delores - The Bronze Beauty that Beautifully Brightened My Life

Hollywood Hi Memories
Zelma Asked If She Could Sharpen My Pencil (Again...)

Norma Jean

She Mysteriously Vanished in 1953
But I Still Dream About Her Every Night

I Lost It to Margarita in Havana
(on my way to the War in Korea)


The Wonderfully Naive Persian Virgin Who Definitely Knew What She Wanted

My Boss' Secretary Said She Assumed I Was Too Young and Naive for Sex

Married to a Woman 11 Years My Senior, But My Significant Other Is 28 Years Younger Than I Am.
(Strange, But True!)

Surprise Instant Message from a Lonesome Housewife

In the early days of the Internet and "Instant Messages" I was doing a presentation for our local Computer Club, when an IM buddy appeared on the screen and said she was feeling lonely. (Continued...)

I was hitchhiking from Fort Belvoir, VA to Camp Stoneman, CA (on my way to the Korean War) when the driver of a late-model yellow Hudson stopped to offer me a ride.

A red "Jeepster" was being towed behind the Hudson. The cars were part of a convoy of repossesd vehicles being returned to Los Angeles. The driver of the Hudson turned out to be a pistol-packing lunatic who planned to break away from the convoy and take a "shortcut" to LA.
See the rest of the story...

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