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How to Straighten (Align, Rotate) a Picture

Rotating an image to a desired alignment is easy to do with Picasa, a free image-editing program available at

To launch the program get into the folder that contains the misaligned picture (probably your "Pictures" or "Download" folder), right-click the target photo's file name and choose Open With>Picasa Photo Viewer.

The photo will then appear in the middle of your screen. Right-click it and choose Edit in Picasa. A series of editing options will appear to the left of the photo, such as Crop and Redeye and Auto Contrast.

Choose Straighten and use your mouse pointer to move the sliding "Alignment Knob" left or right to straighten the picture.
straightened picture

Click on Apply to make the straightening to stick. And then click on File>Save As to give the edited image a file name and a location (again, probably your Pictures or Download folder) or you can browse to any other place you prefer, including your Desktop.

When doing a File>Save As, make sure you change the edited photo's name from the original, since using the exact same name will cause the cropping to overwrite the original picture. You always want to keep the original in its unedited form in case you want to start over from the beginning.

While still in the Edit in Picasa area, experiment with some of the various editing options. If you don't like the results, just click on the Undo___.

With other image-editing programs you can click on Help (or press F1 on your keyboard) and then type rotate or rotation or align or alignment or straighten into a Search box for specific details.

Rotating a Picture with Irfanview

Irfanview also has a rotation option under Image that lets you choose Rotate Left or Rotate Right. These commands will rotate a picture 90º counter-clockwise and 90º clockwise, respectively.

Clicking on Image>Custom Rotation will let you rotate a picture clockwise to any angle from 1º to 359º. If you want to rotate a picture counter-clockwise, place a minus sign (-) in front of the number you type in.

If you rotate a picture in Irfanview, but are not pleased with the result, you can click Edit>Undo (or Ctrl+Z) to return the image to its previous state.

Irfanview is a totally free program that can be downloaded from:

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