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Secret Online Sweetheart

Secret Sweetheart
Online Flirting & Consenting Adults - Part 8

Another young woman from whom I learned about cyber sex was Carolina, who was a high school teacher in the Chicago area. We got acquainted after I had written some comments about some steamy poems she had posted.

I learned that she was married but had been having some issues with her husband who had been married before. He had a war-related injury that required him to go to a VA hospital for treatment. However, the hospital was in another state, so he arranged to stay with his ex-wife while he was there.

Carolina was not pleased with this arrangement - so she started cybering with a couple of guys she met online. Her rationale was that she had no way of knowing what was going on between her hubby and his ex, so having these online affairs was completely justified. She also told me she was making plans to meet one guy in person.

Then she said something one night that caught me by surprise — she told me no one had ever written a poem to her. So I offered to do so. She was thrilled at the idea, and this is what I wrote: And since she was a Spanish teacher, I decided to use some Español in the poem...

I have this online sweetheart,
I dare not name her name.
Her hubby tends to get upset
when he suspects our game.

But what's the harm in playing?
It's not as though we meet.
We're only sharing fantasies,
and being quite discreet.

And when she phones while he's asleep...
with whispers in my ear.
Her nervous way of telling all
is fitful, yet sincere.

Y sabes bien quien eres,
mi reina de amor.
Y sabes igualmente
que me llenas con calor.

Sí, somos dos amantes,
sin poder de resistir.
Y me dejas embrujado
con razón de existir.

So this is where we'll leave it,
con lágrimas y besos.
And if you think I'll tell her name...
...not for a million pesos.

Te quiero, maestracita preciosa.

Actually, Carolina and I never had been cyber sweethearts.
However, another lady with whom I had sort of been flirting got
very angry when she saw this posting.
But that's a whole other story...

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