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There was a time when I used to post on
the AOL Poetry & Story Boards, where a
"Topic of the Week" would be suggested
as a theme for each week's postings.
One week the topic was "Spring."

We Shared a Springtime Shower

Sharing a Shower

It's springtime in the country
And I have this country gal
Who gives me country loving.
She's more than just a pal.

We go walkin' after midnight
And we dance to Patsy Cline.
And though she makes me crazy
She makes my nights divine.

She wakes me in the morning
With kisses and a squeeze.
Then goes and brews the coffee.
She sure knows how to please.

We share a springtime shower
(And not a "golden" one!)
She shows this stodgy city boy
All kinds of country fun.

She says that she is filled with me
We fit like hand in glove
There's only one thing wrong here...
It's strictly cyber love.


© Donald Ray Edrington

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