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"Red Eye" Problems

Example of Redeye GD Omens asked how to remove "red eye" from a photo.
(Red eye is often the result of a camera's flash being aimed directly into a person's face.)

The easiest way to do this is with Picasa, a free image-editing program available at
red eye fixed
To launch the program get into the folder that contains the target picture (probably your "Pictures" or "Download" folder), right-click the target photo's file name and choose:
Open With>Picasa Photo Viewer.

The photo will then appear in the middle of your screen. Right-click it and choose:
Edit in Picasa. A series of editing options will appear to the left of the photo, such as:
Crop and Straighten and Auto Contrast.

Within the Edit in Picasa area, experiment with some of the other editing commands to see how they work. If you Apply an edit, but don't like the way it looks, click the Undo button to cancel the change. Finally, click on File to see the various Save options available. It's best to modify a file's name slightly with File>Save As so the original image will still be available in its un-edited form.

Reply from Gil Omens: Wow! Thanks for the Picasa treat! It was fast and easy!

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