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Printing Mailing Labels with
Excel 2007 & Microsoft Word 2007

This tutorial is intended for Microsoft Office 2007 users who have a list of names and addresses for which they would like to print adhesive mailing labels. The type of mailing list I receive the most questions about is a collection of friends and family to whom a person wants to send holiday greeting cards.

Excel-2007 Mailing Label Example

Therefore, this tutorial is a simple and straightforward set of instructions for placing the names and addresses in an Excel-2007 file, followed by formatting the actual print-outs of the labels with Word-2007.

We'll start by creating a "database" of names and addresses using an Excel-2007 spreadsheet.

  • A simple database is a table of rows and columns, which are called "Records" and "Fields." A row above the fields in our databese will contain "Headers" (such as FirstName, LastName, StreetAddr, City, State, and Zip).
 1. Launch Excel-2007. A blank spreadsheet will appear.

 2. Click on the Office Button and choose Save As>Excel Workbook. Name the document something like Holiday Address List. By default, it will be saved in your My Documents folder. Excel-2007 will also add the extension .xlsx to the filename.
(If you don't see extensions on any of your file names - such as .jpg, .mp3, .exe, .html, or .docx - click here.)
  • If you want to print your Excel spreadsheet/database, it's usually best to do it "sideways" by going to Page Layout>Orientation>Landscape. This can help make all columns fit on a page. Choosing a smaller, narrower font also helps. To make the column widths match their data do Ctrl+A (select ALL) and go to Home>Cells>Format>AutoFit Column Width.

  • Another way to AutoFit columns on a worksheet is to double-click any boundary between two column headings.

After you've typed in your data, your database page should look something like this:

Excel-2007 Mailing Label Database Example

Now that you have a spreadsheet/database of names and addresses in Excel-2007, you will use Word-2007 to format the actual printing of the labels.

 3. Launch Word-2007 and a blank document will open.

 4. On the Mailings tab, in the Start Mail Merge group, click
Start Mail Merge>Labels.

 5. In the Label Options dialog box that appears choose
Label Vendors>Avery US Letter.

 6. Click OK and Word-2007 will create a document that contains a template of the sheet of labels, complete with grid lines that indicate the labels that will be printed.

Word-2007 uses a "Table" to lay out the grid lines. If you don't see these lines, click the Layout tab under Table Tools, and then in the Table group, click View Gridlines.

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Word-2007 Mailing Label Gridlines Example

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