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   If you're looking for ways to earn money with your computer, please be aware that there are lots of scams that claim they can help you do it.

    Most of them claim to show you a foolproof way to earn thousands of dollars if you just sign up for their "Get Rich Instruction Course" for only $99.

    But they hope you don't notice the tiny fine print "disclaimer" which says $99 will continue to be deducted from you bank account each month -- until you get wise and cancel the so-called "instruction course."

   Another bit of nearly illegible text admits that you will probably earn little or no money at all.

    My explanation here on how I've earned money with a PC is simply a brief history of what's worked for me.

    When I bought my first computer in 1977 (the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1) my wife thought I was crazy spending $600 on what appeared to be a silly toy.

    My justification was that we could use the computer in our printing business to make the enterprise more profitable. Furthermore, the computer expenses would then be tax deductible.

   Well, before long I found other ways to earn money with a computer and have been doing so ever since.

    Eventually, other people began to buy computers -- and most had no clue as to how to use them. So I began tutoring clients in their homes and offices.

    My computer experience also helped get me a job at Fallbrook High School, where I became an instructor in its Desktop Publishing lab.

    I had also begun submitting computer-related articles to our local newspaper The Fallbrook Enterprise at no charge just for the fun of sharing information about computers. However, when the paper got bought by a national chain, the new owners asked me to stay on along with paying me for writing the articles. More than two decades later this is still happening.
The SanDiego Union Tribune

   When I created my own website in the late 1990s I maintained it at my own expense again, just for the fun of it. Eventually, however, Google spotted the site and asked if I'd be interested in posting their ads on it for a small commission on each ad that might be clicked on.

   Well, this was an offer I couldn't refuse.

    So this is my unspectacular story of how I've been making money with computers for nearly 30 years. No, I haven't gotten rich, but it's been a steady source of income -- plus, I've been having lots of fun. And there's a lot to be said for doing work that you enjoy.


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