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Google Docs Spell-Checker

   Something quite remarkable about "Google Docs" is that it does automatic spell-checking in several different languages as you type.

    This means if you begin typing in a foreign language Google Docs will automatically spell-check that language on the fly (just as it's always done for English).

    Whatís even more remarkable is that you can use more than one foreign language in a given document. Google will automatically adjust the spell-checking for each language as you type.

    The Google Docs spell-checker is similar to the one in Microsoft Word. A word suspected of being misspelled will be underlined with a red squiggly mark, which you can right-click to see the correct spelling. You may occasionally see multiple corrected spelling choices. Click on the desired correction to fix the target word.

    If the target word is actually NOT misspelled, but just unknown to the spell-checker (such as a personís name), you can click on "Add to Personal Dictionary."

    This is just one of many, many useful features in Google Docs. As a busy writer, I use the free service constantly instead of doing expensive updates to Microsoft Office.

    By the way, anyone who has a Gmail account automatically has a free Google Drive/Docs account.

    Another great thing about G-Docs is the 15 GB of free "cloud" storage they offer (for any kind of files).

    John Hardesty asked, Are the "Download Driver Updates" prompts that continually pop up on my screen legitimate?

    Well, those popups may or may not contain any legitimate updates, but they do install lots of "adware" on your computer if you click OK to the download.
It's best to just ignore them.

    Certain "Adobe" programs like "Flash" and "Reader" do need periodic updating, but Adobe will contact you with its own distinctive black, white and red "Update" prompts.
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