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Reader Feedback
on Digital Devices

Other Than Windows PCs

When I asked for reader feedback about using digital devices other than Windows PCs, I received the following response:

Brian Hammond wrote that he has a Windows laptop at work and an iMac at home. He said he previously had a MacBook Air, but replaced it with an iPad Pro.

Brian added that there isn't anything he needs that that he can't do on his iPad Pro. He bought the "Apple cover/keyboard" so that he's not limited to using the "virtual keyboard" on the iPad Pro's screen.

Brian went on to say the the iPad Pro doesn't get viruses or other malware and that it doesn't require any thought or effort to maintain, as the OS (operating system) is updated "over the air," along with any apps (programs) he has.

He also said the iPad Pro it is very lightweight and has has amazing battery life.

Brian also said he used to watch Padres games via "DirecTV," but now he uses the "Fox Sports Go" app with his iPad Pro. And he has the full "Microsoft Office" suite, along with its Apple equivalents.

Brian says he can sync TV shows or movies to the iPad Pro as well as being able to "stream" content. He has email and web browsing and uses "iCloud" so that all his devices have all his documents and data always in sync and fully backed up.

"Keychain" keeps all his user IDs and passwords in sync among his various devices. Furthermore, his iPad Pro automatically backs itself up to Apple's "iCloud" every night while recharging.

Brian summarized by saying, "I have no reason or requirement to use a Windows laptop (or desktop) -- there isn't anything I can't do on my iPad Pro. It just works."

    Thank you, Brian, for this very comprehensive and helpful information.

Brian didn't mention his iPad Pro's size, but it's available in two screen sizes: 12.9-inches and 9.7-inches. Depending on the amount of internal memory one chooses, the prices advertised by Apple range from $599 to $1129 (not including the keyboard cover).

Comparing iPad Pro sales numbers to Microsoft's "Surface," the Apple tablets are leading by about 5 to 4, even though the Surface has been around longer.

Historically, Apple's Macintosh has never had much more than about 5 percent of the total PC (personal computer) market, with Windows PCs dominating at about 90 percent. (Linux accounts for about 5 percent.)

Recent polls, however, say Macs have risen to 7.4 percent of the market. Well, the fact that Macs have historically been more expensive than comparable Windows machines may be the reason for the wide spread.

However, nowadays many people do the majority of their "computing" chores on "smartphones" and a variety of tablets, putting the sales of Google's "Android" devices way ahead of Microsoft and Apple combined.

Personally, I find that my Lenovo Win10 laptop, my old Galaxy 3 smartphone, my Google Chromebook and Nexus 7 tablet take care of all my computing needs.

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