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Playing Songs Continuously in Windows Media Player

A number of readers have asked how to make songs play continuously in Windows Media Player. There are several ways, but here's how I do it:

I begin by right-clicking my Desktop and choosing New>Folder. I name the folder according to the type of songs it will hold (such as, say, Romantic Instrumentals). You can have multiple folders for different types of music.

I prefer having these folders on the Desktop for easy editing, but you can put them anywhere you want, such as inside your My Music folder (which is inside your My Documents folder). The songs you choose for the new folders can be dragged into them from wherever they currently reside. You can also download the songs from my site ( or from other free music sites by right-clicking them and choosing "Save Target As" (Firefox and Google Chrome users use "Save Link As") and choosing the destination folder. Alternatively, could choose your Desktop as the destination and drag them into the folders later.

Now that you have the songs collected, how do you get them to play continuously?

Double-click any song and it will start playing via Windows Media Player 11.

    If your songs open in some other media player (such as QuickTime or RealPlayer) open Windows Media Player 11, click on Tools>Options>File Types and make sure all boxes are checked.

Next click on Library and an area of the player will open up with the message: "Drag items here to create a Playlist."

This means the songs can be dragged from their folder into this blank area. To drag a folder full of songs all at once, open the folder and click Edit>Select All (Ctrl+A). Or you can cherry-pick songs by holding down Ctrl as you left-click your favorites individually. Then drag the group into WMP's designated area.

It's important to understand that they are not being physically moved. The names of the songs simply comprise a Playlist that refers back to the folder they reside in. Therefore, do not move the folder or remove any of its songs unless you no longer want them in the Playlist. Beyond that, if you decide to add songs to a folder, they will also have to be dragged into the Playlist.

As for playing the songs, you can let them play them in alphabetical order, or you can have them play randomly by clicking the "Shuffle" icon (two overlapping curved arrows) at the bottom of the player.

To change a song being played, double-click a different one. You can also right-click a song and choose Remove from Playlist. This will not delete the song — it will merely be removed from the Playlist.

Once you have a group established in WMP, click the "Save Playlist" button. A box will open asking you to name the list — normally the name used for the corresponding folder. In the upper left corner of WMP there will be a "Playlists" heading with various groups of songs below. You can switch from one Playlist to another by double-clicking any you want.

In the upper left of the Windows Media Player 11 there will be a Playlists heading with various groups of songs shown below. You can switch from one Playlist to another by clicking the you want.

There are many other things you can do with Windows Media Player 11. Just click on Help to see all the various options.

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